Saaya Pakistan

Awareness Campaign / Sessions

Saaya Welfare Trust conducts comprehensive awareness sessions and campaigns to educate communities on critical health and social issues.

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Saaya organized a workshop at JDC Old Age Home to educate senior citizens about mental and physical well-being.

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Saaya initiated the "Eid Drive" to bring joy to children receiving treatment at CHK during Eid celebrations.

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New Equipment and Amenities

Saaya has introduced a range of new equipment and amenities at Civil Hospital Karachi, including fans and air conditioning units for comfort during hot months.

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Saaya Welfare's Happy Friday Food Distribution Project aims to provide 200 nutritious food boxes (rice and chicken) every Friday

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Saaya Welfare Trust operates a Patient Assistance Program (PAP) aimed at providing crucial support to underprivileged patients at Dr. Ruth K. M. Pfau Civil Hospital.

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Saaya Welfare Trust organizes a Ration Drive, collecting essential supplies to support families in need.

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Recognizing the need for shelter for families of patients at Civil Hospital Karachi, Saaya installed shades to provide relief from the elements.

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Saaya paid tribute to frontline healthcare workers and paramedics by presenting them with tokens of gratitude for their tireless efforts in combating COVID-19.

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Saaya addressed the lack of seating for attendants at Dr. Ruth K. M. Pfau Civil Hospital, Karachi by installing benches and planting trees to provide shade.

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Saaya NGO, led by Dow Medical College students, installs water filters at Dr. Ruth K. M. Pfau Civil Hospital, improving healthcare for the underprivileged.

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Saaya Welfare Trust distributes blankets and conducting a Winter Clothes Drive, extending support to those in need during the colder months.

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Mission Corona - Saaya Donation

Saaya Welfare Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to societal well-being, recently made a significant donation to support underprivileged communities.

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Water Filter Installation

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Winter Drive

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Patient Assistance Program

Saaya has initiated a program that aims to assist the underprivileged population visiting M5, Civil Hospital Karachi’s busiest medicine ward. As a part of this program, we aim to reduce the financial burden on patients and their families by contributing to their medicines and diagnostic tests.

Awareness Sessions / Campaign

The awareness campaigns were started with the long-term goal to educate the public about diseases that commonly afflicted Pakistanis. We hoped not only to facilitate patients and attendants through treatments but to also reduce reasons to visit hospitals in the first place.

Gift Packs Distribution

Pakistan’s minorities have always held a special place in our hearts as we recognize their importance in our society. We know that for a stable and better Pakistan, they should be integrated into all our events. Hence, in October 2020, Saaya planned a day at St.Fransisco Church.

Pulse Oximeters and Oxygen Cyliners Distribution

Ever since the beginning of Pandemic, a raise in the demand of pulse oximeters and oxygen cylinders has been observed. The high demand induced shortage lead to an elevation in their prices, making them unaffordable to many.

Covid-19 Ration Distribution

With the lockdown in effect to curb the virus and flatten the curve, small business owners and daily wagers took a major hit. Saaya started conducting ration to provide families with basic necessities in these trying times. Eventually, a collaboration was formed with help to combine efforts.

Happy Friday - Food Distribution

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COVID-19 PPE Distribution

With the virus spreading like wildfire, the country started to face a shortage of PPEs. The hospital staff was struggling to acquire PPE from regular sources, and so our hunt started. Along the way, collaborations were formed with many other NGOs – such as Welfare Aid.

COVID-19 Awareness Campaign

In March 2020, the WHO declared the COVID-19 virus as a pandemic. Just as in other countries, the virus was spreading in Pakistan. Pakistan also faced what we call a mis-info-demic. Myths and misinformation about treatments, origin, and even the existence of the virus has been spreading.

Waiting Area, Civil Hospital Karachi

Attendants still had no place to sit while they waited for the patients as they received treatment. Trees were planted to provide shade and cool the area, and benches were installed for seating. Future plans include the installation of water-coolers, fans, and benches/chairs.

Eid Drive

Ramadan is followed by Eid celebrations. Eid is a time of celebrations galore, especially for children as they are showered with gifts. In order to do something special for the children receiving treatment at CHK, the “Eid Drive” was initiated.

Shade Installment

Civil Hospital, Karachi (CHK) receives an influx of patients and their families from all over Sindh and Balochistan. While the patients receive treatments, their family members/attendants have nowhere to go, and henceforth spend their days and nights on footpaths and the floor within or close to Civil Hospital.

Heat Stroke Campaign

Summer 2019 had now arrived. To prevent fatalities due to heatstroke, a heatstroke awareness campaign, “The Water Bottle Campaign” was carried out in collaboration with S.O.C.H, another NGO working at CHK. Volunteers were recruited and briefed about their role to explain the risks.

Menstrual Hygiene Campaign

About 80% of women in Pakistan lack access to proper sanitary products or are educated about menstrual hygiene. The cultural shame attached to menstruation and lack of access to proper sanitary resources has led to young girls skipping school. 

A Day At JDC Old Age Home

On 23rd December 2020, Saaya conducted a one-day workshop at JDC Old Age Home for senior citizens. The session aimed to educate the senior members of our society about their mental and physical well-being and other age-related issues.

Mission Corona: Save Lives (Facebook Group)

Mission Corona: Save Lives, is a Facebook group that was formed by Saaya to educate and raise awareness regarding Covid-19. It aims to establish contact between plasma donors and patients in need. This is done after a Saaya volunteer confirms the plasma donor, their blood type, and their willingness to donate.

COVID-19 Helpline

By June 2020, most of the hospital facilities were saturated and patients were advised to isolate at home. Looking at the severity of situation, Saaya launched a free of cost COVID-19 helpline that aimed to provide counseling, treatment plans and answer queries of those affected by the virus.

Donation Of Ventilator To Ojha Hospital, Karachi

A ventilator is a machine that helps one breathe or breathes for them. The COVID-19 virus affects respiratory passages and makes breathing difficult. In critical cases, a ventilator is required to save a life. Saaya has donated one ventilator to Ojha Hospital Karachi

Tribute To Frontline Workers (COVID-19)

Healthcare workers and paramedical staff have been working tirelessly to provide treatment to patients of COVID-19. They have taken on the exponential increase in workload with incredible fortitude. Their efforts were appreciated by presenting them with a small token of gratitude.

Fan And AC Installation, Civil Hopital, Karachi

Karachi’s heat starts becoming unbearable around April-May. It was brought to our attention that a ward in CHK did not have functioning fans and air-conditioners. Saaya installed 13 fans and 1 air conditioner with the help of generous donors.