Saaya Pakistan


Omer Islam

Omer Islam, the Chair of the Board and Founder of SAAYA Welfare Trust, a passionate organisation committed to revolutionising healthcare settings, particularly at Civil Hospital Karachi. For Omer, life gains true purpose when actions are filled with meaning and directed towards helping others.

Through their unwavering vision and dedication, SAAYA Welfare Trust aspires to create a hospital where healthcare is accessible to all. Their belief is rooted in the power of compassion and assistance to empower lives and provide individuals with a reason to live.

With Omer Islam leading the way, SAAYA is determined to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need, striving to improve healthcare services and create a more compassionate and inclusive world.

Uzair Munaf, MD

Co-founder and advisory board member of SAAYA

Visiting Medical Graduate at Emory School of Medicine.

Entering Dow Medical College, affiliated with Civil Hospital, Dr. Uzair Munaf encountered a distressing scene during his third year of MBBS. Three individuals collapsed from heat stroke while waiting in a long line to collect their lab reports under the scorching sun. Witnessing their suffering, he wanted to make a difference. Together with his senior and a friend, Dr. Awan, he initiated a mission to build a shade for patients and their companions. Though the cost seemed too much for a third-year medical student, determination drove them forward. They reached out to their university’s entire student body and, to their surprise, surpassed their fundraising goal. Through collective student contributions, they created a spacious shade with a waiting area, providing comfort for those in need. Their collective effort sparked the idea of establishing a non-governmental organisation, and thus, SAAYA was born. Dr. Uzair and Dr. Awan, both third and final-year medical students, became the founders of a student-run NGO, with a team of 10 students initially which later expanded to 160 members across the country dedicated to making a positive impact.

Dr. Uzair is dedicated to advancing a comprehensive healthcare system in Pakistan that ensures equal access for all strata of society. Recognizing the inherent generosity of the Pakistani people, Dr. Uzair envisions a future where the nation’s youth are empowered through education and support to drive significant advancements for their country. With a steadfast commitment to this vision, Dr. Uzair aims to establish a hospital affiliated with a prominent university, offering a curriculum benchmarked against international standards. Moreover, he aspires to establish a pioneering research centre, allowing Pakistan to develop tailored guidelines and solutions that address the specific healthcare needs of its people. Through these initiatives, Dr. Uzair seeks to bridge the healthcare disparity gap and usher in a new era of excellence in healthcare delivery and innovation for Pakistan.

Advisory Board Members

Nawal Syed

Nawal Syed, a dedicated individual who has been associated with SAAYA for three years, starting as a volunteer and currently serving as an advisory board member. Her journey with SAAYA has been an inspiring one, reflecting her deep commitment to the organisation’s cause.

For Nawal, the values of humanity and service hold the utmost importance, and she finds these principles strongly aligned with SAAYA’s mission. As a medical student, she acknowledges the challenges of balancing extra-curricular activities with academics, but her passion for making a difference has driven her to overcome these obstacles.

Nawal believes that it’s not about finding time for something, but rather having the heart and determination to make a positive impact. With her unwavering dedication, she continues to play an essential role in SAAYA’s journey of service to humanity, leaving a mark of compassion and empathy in all her endeavours.

Syeda Warda Murshid

Syeda Warda Murshid, whose passion and dedication to making a positive impact on the world found a canvas in Saaya. With an unwavering commitment to social change and a relentless drive to create a better future for all, she actively engages in various projects and initiatives within this incredible organisation.

From its very inception, Warda has been privileged to be associated with Saaya, witnessing its remarkable growth and achieving awe-inspiring milestones in community service. From organising impactful awareness campaigns to spearheading life-changing projects like the patients assistance program and annual ration drives, Saaya constantly touches the lives of those in need.

As an integral part of Saaya, Warda contributes to their collaborative ethos, leveraging her communication skills to foster meaningful connections and partnerships with other organisations and stakeholders. Together, they amplify the impact of their collective endeavours, magnifying the positive change they strive to create.

Beyond her role within Saaya, Warda remains a tireless advocate for positive change, dedicating herself to community service and using various channels to spread awareness about pressing social issues. One such campaign close to her heart is the menstrual hygiene awareness initiative, empowering and uplifting women across the community.

With Saaya’s advisory council as the driving force within the organisation, they continue to scale new heights in their pursuit of creating lasting change. Warda extends her heartfelt gratitude to Saaya and its incredible team for allowing her to be a part of this transformative journey. Together, they are shaping a tomorrow where compassion reigns, and every person has the opportunity to flourish.

Anusha Anwer

Anusha Anwer, currently in her final year of medical studies at Dow Medical College. Throughout her undergraduate years, she has actively engaged in various organisations, honing her skills in public speaking, project management, and team leadership. Alongside her academic pursuits, Anusha finds joy in reading, painting, and exploring new languages.

Her passion for giving back to the community led her to join SAAYA, where she aims to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Anusha’s ultimate goal is to become a compassionate and mindful medical professional, leaving behind a lasting legacy of helping those in need. With her unwavering commitment to service and dedication to continuous growth, she aspires to create a meaningful difference in the lives of her patients and contribute positively to society as a whole.

Wajeeha Bilal Marfani

Wajeeha Bilal Marfani, who is excited to continue her journey with the remarkable organisation, SAAYA, as an advisory member. With three years of dedicated work with this NGO, she has personally witnessed the tremendous impact that can be achieved when individuals unite for a shared cause.

As an advisory member, Wajeeha eagerly anticipates using her experience and insights to guide the NGO’s strategies, furthering their mission of creating positive change in the communities they serve. She considers it an honour to be part of this dedicated and passionate team, and she is enthusiastic about collaborating on future projects that will leave a lasting difference.

With her dedication and commitment, Wajeeha Bilal Marfani aims to contribute even more to SAAYA’s noble mission and believes that together, they can create a brighter and better future for the communities they support.

Fatima Ganatra

Fatima Ganatra is deeply connected to SAAYA’s mission, as it aligns closely with her core beliefs. Her firm belief lies in empowering individuals to take charge of their health, which perfectly resonates with SAAYA’s approach. By working towards this common goal, she envisions a future where people have access to high-quality and affordable healthcare, eventually leading to an overall improvement in various aspects of their lives. Fatima is committed to making a positive impact through her dedication to SAAYA’s mission.

Anooja Rani

Anooja Rani holds SAAYA’s mission very close to her heart. Her belief in empowering people to take charge of their health aligns perfectly with what SAAYA stands for. Throughout her tenure as both a Director and Vice President at Saaya, she experienced a harmonious decision-making process within the team, as everyone shared the same goals for the organisation.

Anooja firmly believes that by continuing their current efforts, SAAYA can provide people with access to quality, affordable healthcare, and hopefully, even improve other aspects of their lives. As a dedicated member of the Advisory Board, she is committed to supporting the team to the best of her abilities, with the shared aim of propelling SAAYA to new heights of success.

Komal Noorani

Komal Noorani is a proud graduate of Dow Medical College, and her journey with Saaya began in 2020 when she had the privilege of joining its inaugural team. Witnessing the remarkable growth and development of Saaya since its inception has been an incredible honour for her. The organisation’s unwavering spirit of altruism shines through the meaningful causes it embraces, which contribute to building a better society and fostering a prosperous future.

Being part of Saaya has deeply impacted Komal. She was moved by the organisation’s dedication to serving the underprivileged and acting as a support system even under challenging circumstances. The diverse range of work that Saaya undertakes has been personally enriching for Komal, both mentally and physically.

Through her involvement with Saaya, Komal has experienced the true nobility of serving those in need, and she feels immensely grateful to have been part of something much greater than herself. The experience has left a lasting impression on her, shaping her perspective and fueling her commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

Muhammad Asad

Dr. Muhammad Asad graduated from Dow Dental College in the Class of 2021. Currently, he holds a position on the board of advisors at Saaya. Previously, he served as Treasurer and Director of Operations at Saaya. Alongside his involvement with Saaya, he is engaged in conducting USA-based clinical trials for a US research firm while also practising general dentistry in Pakistan.

His dedication to volunteerism, community service, and public health earned him recognition from the Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan, who bestowed upon him the prestigious “Flood Relief Heroes Award.”

Dr. Asad’s vision is to modernise and elevate public health, research, and healthcare in Pakistan, facilitated by international funding and collaboration with organisations. His goal is to provide much-needed healthcare and employment support to those in need through these efforts.

Shajie Ur Rehman Usmani

Dr. Shajie Ur Rehman Usmani graduated from Dow Medical College in the Class of ’23 and is currently completing his Housejob at Dr. Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital, Karachi. He played a pivotal role as the Founding General Secretary of SAAYA and continues to contribute as a member of the Board of Advisors.

Apart from his involvement with SAAYA, Dr. Shajie holds significant positions in other organisations. He is the Co-Founder and Executive Advisor at the Society of Medical Research (SoMR), a dedicated member of the Board of Directors at SOCH, and a valuable member of the Board of Advisors at Dow Students’ Surgical Society (DSSS). He believes that SAAYA has the potential to create a lasting impact in the community and he can’t wait to see the new leadership take the organisation to greater heights!

Fatima Naz Naeem

Dr. Fatima Naz Naeem, a graduate of Dow Medical College who currently serves as a member of the advisory board at Saaya. She has been an integral part of Saaya’s journey since its inception, working passionately to uplift underprivileged members of society. It amazes her how the vision of five individuals has transformed into an organisation solely dedicated to serving humanity.

With a deep sense of pride, Dr. Fatima looks forward to witnessing Saaya achieve even greater heights with its unwavering commitment to the welfare of mankind. The organisation’s dedicated ideology resonates strongly with her, and she is eager to contribute to its continued success in making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Sheikh Mohd Arsal

Sheikh Mohd Arsal, a highly respected and experienced member of the advisory board at SAAYA, plays a pivotal role in the organisation’s success. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, he serves as a guiding force in supervising the Patient Assistance Program and other significant initiatives.

Having been a part of SAAYA for several years, Sheikh Mohd Arsal’s dedication to the cause is evident in his unwavering efforts to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. His leadership and insights have been instrumental in shaping the organisation’s direction and strategy, enabling SAAYA to extend its reach and improve its services.

As a senior member of the advisory board, Sheikh Mohd Arsal leads by example, showcasing a genuine commitment to the well-being of the community. His passion for humanitarian work inspires others within the organisation, fostering a culture of compassion and service. Through his efforts, SAAYA continues to create a lasting difference and uplift the lives of countless individuals.

Junaid Khan

Junaid Khan, an esteemed advisory board member at SAAYA, whose influence and contributions have been integral to the organisation’s growth and success. With a strong focus on the Patient Assistance Program and various other key initiatives, Junaid plays a critical role in ensuring that SAAYA’s mission of serving humanity is achieved effectively.

His dedication and seniority within the organisation reflect a deep-rooted commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of the underprivileged. Junaid’s wealth of experience and supervisory skills make him a valuable asset to SAAYA, guiding the team with astute leadership and sound decision-making.

Through his unwavering efforts, Junaid has significantly impacted the lives of numerous individuals, providing them with access to quality healthcare and support. His role as a senior advisory board member exemplifies his belief in the transformative power of service and compassion, driving SAAYA’s efforts to create a brighter and more equitable future for all.