Saaya Pakistan

We, at Saaya, consider volunteers and ambassadors an integral part of our team. They are the backbone of every successful campaign and donation drive. Their utmost dedication and hardwork for our organization has been unmatched. We really appreciate them for all they’ve contributed in Saaya’s overall success. Without them, we would not have been able to expand our reach throughout Karachi, and pull off such impactful campaigns in the times of need


Here are some experiences recounted by our volunteers from previous campaigns:

Name: Vareesha Khan
Institution: Dow Medical College
Year of Graduation: 2024

My journey with Saaya hasn’t been that of very close association as I’m merely a volunteer and neither have I been associated with Saaya for long but despite that in this short time span, Saaya has enabled me to do much more than I would’ve done otherwise. For me Saaya particularly stands out to me because it enabled me to actually be of help to someone who I had met when I was in school and the gratitude and love that that person showed me after my heads had cooperated and helped them was beyond gratifying. During these dark times of a Global Pandemic, Saaya has helped people overcome problems and has given them a chance at survival. The kind of impact that Saaya has had on me is truly amazing because it made realise how I can still be useful while sitting at home and it also went on to show that I’ve been blessed enough to be able to go out there and be of use to others. I’ve truly loved my journey with Saaya because not only have I played my part in making someones day and bring smiles and hopes back into their lives but also because it helped me find inner peace.

Name: Fatima Khilji
Institute: Dow International Medical college
Year of Graduation: 2023

Working with Saaya as an ambassador has been a great experience I have ever had while volunteering for any welfare organization. Team Saaya organizes everything well and I have always been satisfied with their project ideas and effort. I hope and pray that it will keep growing with all of our contributions and effort and always stand for the needy ones.

Name: Fatima Nazir
Institute: Dow Medical College
Year Of Graduation: 2021

Saaya caught my attention because of the little things. Started off with putting shades in civil, collecting donations to provide gifts for kids in civil and to see their priceless smiles and what not. Being devoted to becoming a good doctor, I’ve always wanted to become a good human being first. And being a part of Saaya has given that a little nudge.